Security technology

Are you looking for a reliable and multipurpose security system? We can help you with a wide range of possibilities including fire, burglar, evacuation, and CCTV systems.

Fire alarm systems

Safety for people and loss limitation
Are you aware of the importance of safety for your employees and visitors? And do you want emergency services to be able to respond efficiently to a fire alarm to prevent worse damage? Our experience enables us to provide you with the best solutions. From intake and advice to implementation and delivery, our specialists provide the guidance that leads to smoothly-operating systems we can guarantee.

Burglar alarm systems

Turn risk inventories into active prevention and control
Do you want effective oversight of your property and stocks? On the basis of a complete inventory, we can provide custom advice based on your risk level. We take into account all the factors that play a role in a proactive implementation of control by a burglar alarm system with notification and follow-up. We’d be glad to talk to you about the best way to monitor access, buildings and stocks. 

Insurance companies set strict requirements for burglar alarm systems. They must be installed by someone with knowledge and experience. We have those skilled professionals. They will provide you with systems that meet the standards and regulations, have the necessary certification, and give you a safe feeling—quickly and effectively. 

Access control

An efficient way to increase security
Access control is an efficient and friendly way to increase security for people, buildings, stocks, and property. With modern technology, we make it easy for you to give authorised persons unhindered access while refusing access to unauthorised individuals.


Closed-circuit TV offers a wide range of security options
To improve safety for your staff and customers, we use CCTV or closed-circuit television. We are happy to assist with expert installation, maintenance and inspection, and to ensure maximum returns for your CCTV. These systems are an effective supplement to burglar alarm and access control systems.

Emergency lighting

Secure lighting and a clear evacuation route, even in emergencies
During emergencies, emergency lighting is literally the light in the darkness. Commercial and public buildings are legally required to ensure well-functioning emergency lighting and clearly-marked evacuation routes. In addition to installation, we can help you with periodic inspection and maintenance, so that you don’t have to look any farther and you can keep an eye on maintenance costs.