Cor Usmany celebrates his 50 years work anniversary!

Hoera! A very special anniversary; Cor Usmany celebrates his 50 years work anniversary at Van der Leun (Metaalbewerking)!


Cor applied on April 30, 1971 and started his first working day on May 3, 1971 at the age of 22 as a sheet worker and welder. He used to work as a shifter(draaier?) at the glass factory in Leerdam, but wanted to do something outside of Leerdam.

Cor says: ,, I still enjoy working at Van der Leun and as long as that will be, I don't stop, despite my age of 72. Marius den Breejen even hired me at that time, it is unfortunate that he will not able to experience this anymore. ”

Cor cannot be found among the geraniums yet. Despite being retired for 7 years, he can still be found 5 days a week in our metal workshop as a sheet worker and welder. Ofcourse we are quite proud of that!

We thank Cor for many years of dedication and pleasant cooperation and wish him many happy and healthy years.

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