The power of Reliability

Since its foundation 100 years ago, Van der Leun has focused on innovation in the maritime sector. Our clients work on the most challenging projects where everything revolves around efficiency and innovation. We have the knowledge to make systems cleaner and more sustainable.

Enhanced control and performance with the Energy Management System (EMS)

The Van der Leun EMS is a system that can be deployed on every vessel and with new as well as existing installations. Installing the EMS allows you to achieve optimum efficiency with your drive system and to make a significant contribution to a cleaner environment and a better world.

The system is used to monitor, control and optimise the performance of installed energy sources such as batteries and generators. It also continuously monitors and controls power sources based on load and battery charge status.

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Innovative solutions

The hybrid mode is the effective use of conventional energy sources such as generators with battery systems and electric propulsion. The presence of the electric powertrain is intended to achieve a more sustainable use of fuel of the generators. This optimised use is achieved because the generators run at a constant speed.

This way, a variety of solutions in combination with the VDL Energy Management System are available to achieve optimum and sustainable fuel consumption on any type of vessel.


In this mode, zero-emission energy sources such as batteries and fuel cells are used. Often only a small conventional energy source is available in case of emergencies. Full electric functionality can also be installed on hybrid vessels, where we reduce idle emissions by preventing idling in conventional energy mode by shutting down the engine and switching entirely to battery power.


With this setup we can convert even the most conventional ships into hybrid vessels and ensure low emissions. By replacing the power generators on board, they can be used either as a generator or as an engine. With the help of an advanced drive system and the application of zero-emission energy sources, in combination with EMS, we get the most out of your system.

This mode is a mode of balancing the load steps on the power grid by adjusting or controlling the load. This can be achieved by direct intervention of the EMS and the use batteries or super capacitor. The EMS allows to reduce the demand for electricity during peak usage (peak shaving), which can, in turn, reduce costs by eliminating the need for peak steps on the power grid. It also reduce harmful emissions.


Modern hybrid vessels make use of efficiency-improving technologies such as regenerative power which convert the kinetic energy to electric energy, which in turn is stored in a battery or supercapacitor as a spinning reserve. This way, no energy is lost and the reserve can also be used for peak shaving mode.

This use of the EMS is a combination of various modes and is specifically used when the vessel is hooked up on a shore connection. By using a battery in combination with the EMS, larger power demands can still be met with a relatively small shore connection. Also, the vessel with a relatively small 'hotel load' in the harbour can lie completely emission-free alongside the shore. It is even possible to feed (back) any surplus energy to the main onshore grid.




Together with Alfen, Van der Leun uses their solutions of battery packs containers. Alfen offers a wide range of modular energy storage systems suitable for every application. TheBattery is a proven concept onshore based for e-trading, creating an off grid power supply or enabling peak shaving. With these applications Van der Leun will use the battery for hybrid functions, peak shaving in DP modes,fuel shaving, back up power, shore supply and hotel functionality.

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