The power of Reliability

Van der Leun has been active in electrical engineering and everything related to it for over a hundred years. The father of our company was light bulb and radio merchant Jan Cornelis van der Leun, an early proponent of replacing gas lamps with electric lighting. In 2020 Van der Leun exists 100 years!

Royal Van der Leun Historie

Soon after opening his shop by Sliedrecht harbour in 1920, he was also asked to repair inland shipping vessels. In the years that followed, Van der Leun became more and more active in this market. His sons developed the company into a serious player in the construction and maritime industries.

The company grew in size through its involvement in the famed Sliedrecht dredging industry. For many years, not a single dredging ship left Sliedrecht Harbour without Van der Leun technology on board.

The number of offices increased until there were locations all over the world with a strong 24/7 service network. To this day, our distinctive service supports our customers worldwide with smart, project-oriented solutions. We call it global reliability, one of the main pillars on which we have been able to develop into a world player in the maritime, dredging, and offshore industries.