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The power of Reliability

Royal Van der Leun launches the all-new Scio app at the end of 2023. It's the ultimate virtual assistant that you won't want to be without if you deal with maritime switchboards daily.


Scio means 'I know' in Latin. With the Scio app on your phone or tablet, you can scan every component in your maritime switchboard to, for example, retrieve the article number or you can click through to see the current drawing of the relevant component. The Scio app is being implemented for the first time on the largest autonomously sailing, 3D-printed ferry, which will transport athletes and visitors in Paris. But other customers of Royal Van der Leun can also get the app for free when purchasing electrical installations.

The idea came from Smart Technology student Sjoerd den Boer, who did an internship at Royal Van der Leun, which marked the starting signal for the development of Scio. The app was developed to make technical work on board easier and more straightforward. In close collaboration with a dedicated team in the R&D department of Royal Van der Leun, the app was realized.

App Increases On-Board Productivity

Upon opening the Scio app, the intuitive and user-friendly interface immediately stands out. Navigating through the various functions is very easy. The starting point in the development was that even employees without technical knowledge can quickly learn how to use the app. With the Scio app, performing electro-technical work and maintenance processes on board becomes easier, thereby increasing productivity.

All Features and Benefits

As soon as the Scio app comes near a switchboard, an immediate connection is established. This guarantees fast access to the necessary data. Scio makes identifying components in a maritime switchboard child's play. Users quickly and accurately scan the components in the switchboard with the advanced scanning technology of the Scio app. This way, the correct article numbers can be found and/or the corresponding current technical drawings can be consulted. Tasks can be carried out more targeted, as the necessary information is available immediately. Forget about those thick folders with drawings; tedious guessing or research is a thing of the past.

Minimize Downtime

Also, the handling when solving a fault detection. If a faulty component is detected, the technicians can immediately send the article number to the purchasing department and initiate the ordering process. Retrieving the datasheet of the respective component is also easy, so a repair often provides a quick solution.

Real-Time Engineering Synchronization

And there's more, Royal Van der Leun has many more ideas to expand the functionalities of the intuitively working app. A direct ordering functionality is scheduled for upcoming updates. The Scio app will then offer direct integration with Royal Van der Leun. The components scanned by the app that need to be replaced can be ordered with just a few clicks.

They are also currently working on a semi real-time engineering synchronization option. If changes are made on board in the switchboard, these changes can be communicated to the head office of Royal Van der Leun via the app. The drawings are updated there as quickly as possible and made available again in the customer's app. This way, the most current drawings of the switchboard are always available. Scio can be installed via Android or iOS for use on tablet or mobile phone

Want to know more?

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