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Vessel Management System

The power of Reliability

The Vessel Management System is an all-encompassing system that fully operates all vital functions of a vessel. From now on, the operator can operate the vessel using one user-friendly interface.


What is a Vessel Management System?

The Vessel Management System is with it’s Human Machine Interface a user-friendly system that enables the user to manage multiple systems on just one screen.

Royal Van der Leun developed the VMS, including all it’s containing systems. Creating a system is tough, but has many benefits. One of the biggest benefits is that our VMS is modular and therefore perfectly adjustable to any kind of ship and all costumer preferences.

Our overarching system includes numerous systems, helping you control all vital functions of a vessel, such as: PMS, EMS, AMS and various other systems.

Power Management System

The PMS enables the operator to smartly manage the power of the vessel. One of the great benefits of the PMS is that it prevents and can recover from power black-outs automatically.

Besides the big safety improvement the PMS is for a vessel, it simultaneously empowers the operator to optimize the power consumption by:

  • Equipment limitation/reduction of CPP / dredge pump / jet pump.
  • Automated generator(s) standby start/stop activation.
  • Load sharing between different power sources such as batteries, generators etc.

The system shows the user the chain of power reaching from the power source to the end-using function of the power in a user friendly mimic/overview. PMS makes the usage of power visible for the operator, enabling the operator to smartly manage the power usage.

Alarm Monitoring System

The Alarm Management/Monitoring System is vital for the safety of every ship and it’s crew. The smart system monitors all functions on levels like temperature, pressure and multiple other parameters. The AMS has a clear overview of all possible alarms and enables the user of all detailed information on possible alarms and suffices straight control, empowering the operator of the VMS to swiftly take action.

A nifty feature comes from all collected information on the occurring alarms. The data gives the end-user the mandate to insightfully take action on reoccurring alarms. The insights aides for finding sources of failure, therefor empowering smart maintenance.

For more information on our AMS, check this page. 


Want to know exactly how our Vessel Management System makes a perfect fit for your ship? Please contact Carlos de Sousa Costa, Business Developer at Royal Van der Leun, via c.desousacosta@royalvanderleun.com.