The power of Reliability

Unforeseen problems always come at the wrong time, ofcourse, you like to avoid them. Reliability of electrical and mechanical systems on board a ship is essential. To guarantee this, we have a new expertise in-house: Thermography!


What is Thermography?
Thermography is a technique that uses infrared radiation to measure the temperature of objects. This is used to troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems on board. The heat radiated by these systems is often an indication of their performance. Thermography can be used to detect problems with, for example, electrical lines, motors, or cooling systems, without having to dismantle these systems. The cameras we use are designed specifically for the marine industry and help identify potential problems before they become major. After the measurement, the data is collected and analysed. Our professionals document an inspection report with advice.

What are the requirements for an inspection?
In order to carry out the inspection properly, our thermographers are certified and trained in the use of the specific cameras and software. Every five years they are trained and tested to remain certified and qualified according to the latest developments.

Our professionals like to work together with other technical teams on board and can immediately provide advice to solve the problems found. This is where the experience of the thermographers comes in handy. Together they have more than seventy years of experience with electrical installations on board. In addition to direct advice, problems can often also be solved immediately. If this is not possible, the right parts can be ordered directly through our service department. This can saves a lot of hassle, delay, irritation, and money.

When is the best time for thermographic measurements?
Thermographic photos of electrical installations are most accurate when the installation is under load, because the deviations are more visible at that time. This means that inspections are often carried out while the ship is in operation.

The day of departure or arrival is a good time. However, this can be changed at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances and has an impact on the planning of the inspections. Our specialists can switch quickly so the inspections can still be carried out without inconvenience on board.

Is thermography required by insurance?
Thermographic inspections can be a requirement of the insurer. Thermographic photos and the inspection report can serve as proof for insurers. For example, if an incident occurs and there is damage to the installations. The inspection report and photos can be prove that the installations were in good condition before the incident took place.

Benefits of thermography at
Royal Van der Leun:

Thermography can be used to detect potential fire sources, improving safety on board.

Insurance requirement:
Conducting a thermographic inspection may be a requirement of an insurer. The thermographic photos and the inspection report can serve as proof. Preventing damage contributes to fewer claims.

Preventive maintenance:
Thermography can be used to perform preventive maintenance. Problems are detected before they lead to failure or damage. Our professionals can immediately order the right parts.

Energy saving:
The thermographic photos are used to locate heat leaks in the installations or ship structure, energy savings can be achieved.

Rapid and non-destructive inspection:
Thermography is an easy non-destructive inspection method so disassembly is usually not necessary. This saves inconvenience and time.

Quick and flexible worldwide service:
A change in arrival or departure date is no problem for us. With more than 100 years of maritime experience and worldwide 24/7 service, someone is always on site quickly. We know how important it is to offer flexibility.

Immediate solutions:
The report is made directly on board so it is instantly known whether there are “hotspots”.
If necessary, these are the next steps:

- immediate expert advice.
- Solving the problem directly or our team can order the right parts direct if requested.

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