The power of Reliability

We work aboard vessels that are deployed in very heavy and intensive operations in the dredging and offshore industry, in many varying conditions, in rain, wind, sun and ice and at temperatures ranging from -20 to 55 degrees. We incorporate the experience gained in these conditions into our installations and other products. This prompted the development of Van der Leun's proximity switches, among other products.


The proximity switches can be used for various applications where the detection of metal is a must in order to create a safe working environment. Proximity switches generally do not last long in the circumstances described above. For instance, iron and other heavy tools may fall on the proximity switch and damage it. Van der Leun's heavy-duty switches can withstand such impacts due to its durable SS 316 steel housing, which can stand rough handling. As a standard feature, the SS 20 is equipped with 10 metres of cable, but smaller or greater lengths are possible on request. To guarantee a long service life, the cable is oil and seawater resistant. Each proximity switch is manufactured in a manual process and tested for functionality. We stock the sps20 as part of our standard range.

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