The power of Reliability

Royal Van der Leun’s MACS V4.0 Alarm Monitoring System (AMS) is gestandaardiseerd, veilig, eenvoudig te bedienen, zelfvoorzienend en kan in elk systeem geïntegreerd worden. Alle componenten zijn gecertificeerd door Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's en het Chinese CCS. Toekomstige aanpassingen zijn zowel eenvoudig als kostenefficiënt.

Key features:
  • Modular design.
  • HMI design:
    • Alarm, Channel configuration (Analog + Digital), Event history, Inhibits, Disabled alarms, Group alarms, Patrol timer, Cabin panels state/selection, Tank measurements, key side and System page (communication state of components).
  • Fast ethernet network based remote IO.
  • Centrally stored configuration and event history.
  • Optimized user interface:
    • Experience used since 2007 (v1), currently AMS sales version is at v3.Multi lingual:
  • Multi lingual.
    • 2 languages real-time selectable by operator.
  • User login (by engineer of customer) to accommodate for changes by customer:
    • Alarm channels behavior, alarm group selections, new alarms, alarm texts, analog ranges, tank level alarms, alarm inhibits and temporary disabling alarms (due to sensor failures)
  • Data bus connection integration:
    • Communicate with several systems (like Vodas / engines)
    • Modbus serial / TcpIp / Rs232 / Rs485 and more.
  • Integration of hardware:
    • Integrated into the main switchboard delivered by Van der Leun or stand-alone to be integrated in main board delivered by another supplier.
  • Additional custom options:
    • Lay-up with external alarm capabilities.
    • Data passthrough to other customer systems.

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