Energy Management System

The power of Reliability

The Van der Leun EMS is a system that can be deployed on every vessel and with new as well as existing installations. Installing the EMS allows you to achieve optimum efficiency with your drive system and to make a significant contribution to a cleaner environment and a better world.

The system is used to monitor, control and optimise the performance of installed energy sources such as batteries and generators. It also continuously monitors and controls power sources based on load and battery charge status.

Before a battery runs low, the EMS initiates appropriate action. The operator does not have to worry about charging batteries and manually changing power sources.

The EMS is perfectly suitable for monitoring various strings of batteries, balancing the SOC between the sets when charging and discharging.

Another important task of the system is collecting data from the battery systems and presenting these values in a clear and understandable way, such as differing voltages between cells. Also, temperatures of individual cells can be monitored. Each deviation in voltage or temperature can be compared to oil pressure and temperature deviations in a conventional combustion engine. Classification Societies also require these values to be available at the operating station.

The EMS also ensures that the battery system interfaces with the bus voltage via a power converter. This bus voltage, AC or DC, must be constantly maintained within a normal voltage range to ensure a stable voltage network on board. In situations where a battery system issues a power limit as a safety precaution, the EMS responds by taking action and informing the operator if necessary.

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