Royal Van der Leun BORG-E certified by KIWA!

From now on, Van der Leun Electrobouw is a recognized Borg-E installer!
After an audit by Borg-E certification institute KIWA, Van der Leun Electrobouw received the certificate on 17 February.


With a certification like this, various criteria are drawn up for burglary protection companies that proofs to deliver quality. This helps end users to make the right choice for a burglary protection system or architectural burglary protection.

Safety is a great asset in our society, which we take care of. Burglary often leads to high amounts of damage, but for many it is also a traumatic experience. That is why homeowners, companies and the government take many measures to protect themselves against burglary.

Safety can be guaranteed by, among other things:

  • Leaving valuables out of sight;
  • Take architectural measures, such as good hinges and locks;
  • A proper burglar alarm system.

For a safe situation, our customers are in good hands.
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