We specialise in the installation and integration of marine systems. We can handle your whole project if you desire, or take parts of it off your hands. From design and engineering to the installation of reliable electrical systems, we provide total solutions.


As a provider of total solutions, our principles are based on reliability, brand independence and operational simplicity—the combination of simplicity, ease of use, and results.

Know-how and modern techniques lead to the best results.
In each project, a Van der Leun project team ensures that all your wishes are incorporated into the budget. To do this, our team uses advanced 3D drawing packages, SEE Electrical, Autocad and short-circuit current calculations. Our systems and products meet the requirements of the major classification societies.

Cable routing: maximum result with minimum cable length
We at Van der Leun are proud of our cable routing: a speciality in which we use software we have developed to calculate the exact amount of cable required for your project. That way we achieve maximum results with minimum cable lengths. Efficient and effective.