System activities

In the realisation of your new electronic systems, we can provide guidance with the whole process from installation to commissioning. We make sure that all the steps proceed efficiently and your system is ready for you to use safely and on time.


From design on paper to practice 
Our professionals in the workshop translate your design plans into reality. Then the end products are created, from bedplates to switchboard panels. We test and certify them before they are shipped out so that you are assured of quality and reliability.  


Efficient and on time
Our project team and our people on site are responsible for supervision, coordination and technical support. This means your system is realised efficiently and on time, and it exactly meets your requirements as well as those of the international standards and classification societies.


High quality and reliability
When your new system is commissioned, we don’t just make sure that everything works properly. Everything is tested and simulated for the demands of the environment in which you, the customer, work. We also give clear information about the system and instructions on how to operate it. This is how we guarantee high quality and reliability.