Jaap Huisman 25 years at Royal Van der Leun

A special milestone that we celebrated this week at Van der Leun. Our colleague, Jaap Huisman, has been with our company for an impressive 25 years!


Jaap has been the cheerful note in our company for a quarter of a century, spreading joy with his humor and cheerful personality among his colleagues and clients. He is also a dedicated professional who has worked on countless projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad, contributing greatly to the success of Royal Van der Leun.

To mark this special occasion, we surprised Jaap on the Viking Neptun project last Tuesday, where he was working on the installation of a cable laying system. We were fortunate enough to have the permission of our valued customer DEME to come aboard and celebrate Jaap's anniversary. Jaap was completely surprised when we waited for him on board with an envelope and a photo cake, which we enjoyed with coffee and the company of colleagues on board.

We hope that Jaap will continue to make a valuable contribution and enjoy working at Royal Van der Leun for many years to come.

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