Solar Boat Team TU Delft launches hydrogen boat design 2021

Solar Boat Team TU Delft has launched the design of the 2021 boat! For the first time they will work with Hydrogen instead of solar panels.


For the last 15 years the team successfully operated boats on solar panels. However, this year there is an ambitious new plan. The next step towards a sustainable maritime industry.

This year the team is building a boat that runs on hydrogen. They will work under project name: Hydro Motion.
The team is switching from generating energy with solar panels to storing green energy.
Hydrogen is ideal for this and has enormous potential.

Last year, Van der Leun was also a partner of the Solar Boat Team and again for 2021.
This year we hope to achieve great insights together, help them and discover the future of Hydrogen.
With this boat, the team will race on the open sea class of world champions next summer in Monaco and show the possibilities of hydrogen.

Only by working together we can discover the challenge of change!

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