The power of Reliability

Since 1920, we have built up a long list of faithful customers and completed countless projects. Here is a small impression of some of our customers and recent projects.


Ruben van den Berg

Managing Partner Poweron

At POWERON, we work closely with Van der Leun in the area of electrical drives. We look forward to working with them because they have a good knowledge of the market. The lines of communication are short and you’re able to toss ideas back and forth easily. We value that quality, because it is vital to a good collaborative relationship.


Robert Leeuwestein

Team lead commissioning IHC

It was a pleasure for me to work with Van Der Leun across all their business lines related to new build/servicing of mainly Dredging equipment(CSD/TSHD). E-commissioning, E-design, automation, integrated solutions, service & spare parts. VDL is able to deliver craftsmanship, quality & knowledge and is a reliable partner in maritime affairs.


Mark van Wijlen

Operational Purchaser IHC Piping

We contract many of our parts to Van der Leun Metaalbewerking for use in our production operations. This has always proved a satisfactory arrangement.

Van der Leun is a great bunch of people with thorough professional and technical knowledge. Add to that a service-oriented organisation and good delivery performance.
Van der Leun is one of my best suppliers.


Tom Maes

Manager Electrical Installations Jan de Nul

In the highly dynamic environment Jan De Nul Group is operating in, focus and flexibility to overcome challenges are key to be successful. Van der Leun has proven to share these values with Jan De Nul Group, by showing their ability for creative on-the-spot problem solving, making the numerous conversion projects they cooperated on, a success.


Ronald van den berg

Director IHC Merwede

We’ve been doing business with Van der Leun for many years, and always with the same motivated, enthusiastic people. The company is a reliable partner in development, manufacturing, and delivery of stainless steel and steel products. We are very satisfied and hope to continue this relationship for many years to come. Keep up the good work!


Martin Koorevaar

Teacher ICT & Smart Technology at Da Vinci College

As a teacher at Da Vinci College, I train my students to become engineering technicians with a specialisation in Smart Technology. Our students are glad to serve internships at Van der Leun. It’s a great place for them to learn. To further develop our programme, we are updating our regional profile by incorporating the requirements and recommendations of Van der Leun. The regional profile describes all the tasks and evaluation items on which a student is examined at the end of the senior secondary vocational (MBO) programme. 

This company offers so many opportunities for our ambitious students. Van der Leun adds a great deal of value to our classroom teaching—first and foremost by jointly organising the Maritieme Delta Student Challenge. They also offer multiple internships and help us update our regional profile.


Dietmar van Zwieten

Docking team leader DEME

The electrical engineering firm Van der Leun in Sliedrecht is the right partner for finishing or repair of marine installations. Whenever we repair one of our ships, Van der Leun always offers positive input and they are glad to lend their brainpower to help us with complex problems.

During the execution stage as well, they are always on the look-out for cost-saving solutions. With their advice and personal contributions, we are able to bring every project to a successful conclusion.  


Geo Sparreboom

Commercial Director Applitech

We are very pleased with our cooperation with Van der Leun BV. We can always count on each other for knowledge-sharing in the field of panel assembly and joint maintenance of Air Circuit Breakers (ACB). Contact is smooth, and their proactive posture is a great advantage.


Ariën de Jong

Accountmanager Eerland Shiprepair

Van der Leun Metaalbewerking is a great partner to Eerland Shiprepair in the area of custom-made parts, which we always need at very short notice due to the nature of our work. We have to guarantee the continuity of our repair projects 24/7. Van der Leun’s service enables us to meet our goal of finishing projects quickly and thoroughly.

We enjoy working with Van der Leun Metaalbewerking as an experienced maritime partner. We don’t need to explain everything over and over again. The lines of communication are short, the quality is good and meets our high standards. We can also count on reliable delivery at a reasonable price.


Ignacio Bonetto Beytía

Project manager Damen Shipyards Gorinchem

In a constantly changing market, Damen relies entirely on its partnerships with suppliers. Van Der Leun has been a companion to Damen for over 20 years acting as system integrator for several projects run by Damen all around the globe. The successful collaboration has enabled us bringing high end quality products to our customers, guarantying their satisfaction and loyalty to Damen.