The power of Reliability

Since 1920, we have built up a long list of faithful customers and completed countless projects. Here is a small impression of some of our customers and recent projects.


Martin Koorevaar

Teacher ICT & Smart Technology at Da Vinci College

As a teacher at Da Vinci College, I train my students to become engineering technicians with a specialisation in Smart Technology. Our students are glad to serve internships at Van der Leun. It’s a great place for them to learn. To further develop our programme, we are updating our regional profile by incorporating the requirements and recommendations of Van der Leun. The regional profile describes all the tasks and evaluation items on which a student is examined at the end of the senior secondary vocational (MBO) programme. 

This company offers so many opportunities for our ambitious students. Van der Leun adds a great deal of value to our classroom teaching—first and foremost by jointly organising the Maritieme Delta Student Challenge. They also offer multiple internships and help us update our regional profile.


Mark van Wijlen

Operational Purchaser IHC Piping

We contract many of our parts to Van der Leun Metaalbewerking for use in our production operations. This has always proved a satisfactory arrangement.

Van der Leun is a great bunch of people with thorough professional and technical knowledge. Add to that a service-oriented organisation and good delivery performance.
Van der Leun is one of my best suppliers.