Battery solutions

The power of Reliability

Together with Alfen, Van der Leun uses their solutions of battery packs containers. Alfen offers a wide range of modular energy storage systems suitable for every application. TheBattery is a proven concept onshore based for e-trading, creating an off grid power supply or enabling peak shaving. With these applications Van der Leun will use the battery for hybrid functions, peak shaving in DP modes,fuel shaving, back up power, shore supply and hotel functionality.


Highlights of


  • Engineered based on 80 years’ experience
  • Fully integrated end-to-end storage solution
  • Standardized production with flexibility toadapt to your needs
  • Best in class battery package and components
  • Continuous insights and remote management
  • Built for all applications and all environments
  • Load balancing
  • Energy trading

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