Van der Leun B.V. has its own Alarm Monitoring System (AMS). Through time there are three versions released and running on various vessels. Currently a fourth version has been developed with new features. This new version is presented internally in the company and got as feedback that it would be better to also have mimics for our Power Management System (PMS) and Distributed Control System (DCS) integrated.

With the above feedback, we need to do a research on how to develop web mimics for our applications and to integrate this with the current AMS project base. When the research is completed, the resulting work will be implemented in our application and will be used in production.

For this project we will need anyone who has experience in C# and in Web technology and is interested in making graphical designs for our mimics.

The assignment:

Mimic development for web AMS systems

What we offer you

You’ll be working at a growing and dynamic family company. The atmosphere is pleasantand informal. You will receive a stipend and compensation for travel expenses. Because ofthe coronavirus pandemic, you may work at home on your internship assignments and tasks,insofar as this is possible. This will be arranged in consultation with your internship advisor.At our offices you must also observe the measures we have adopted at Van der Leun,including wearing a mask and observing an appropriate distance from others.

Project scope

You will be in charge of investigating web graphic technologies (WebGL, HTML5 canvas, etc.) and the possibility to use them in a web page and integrate into our new web AMS system. The design of the page can be based on one of our previous projects, but adaptable to different screen size. Also, the web page needs to be updated frequently with data retrieved from the AMS server and still be responsive. Further goals include building modular graphic components that can be reused for future projects.


  • Experience in designing website using HTML and Javascript


  • Experience with 2D/3D graphic design package like Unity, OpenGL
  • Knowledge of one C based programming language (C#, C++)
  • Knowledge of Visual Studio and Blazor (Desirable)


Information and application

Got questions? Phone us on +31 (0)184 413 288 and ask for Hans van de Velde, Manager Technical Departments.

If you are interested in doing a work placement with us or if you would like to do final projects with us, we look forward to receiving your motivation and CV via the button below.

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