Oui, Royal Van der Leun in Paris

Royal Van der Leun is responsible for the electrical installation, including engineering and automation, for the largest 3D-printed autonomous ferry ever!


The innovative passenger ferry will be used on the Seine river during major sport events in the summer of 2024, providing eco-friendly transportation for athletes and visitors.

For position and course determination, lidar, cameras, and RTK-GPS are used, making a captain excessive and enabling the ferry to operate fully autonomously.

In addition, the ferry is fully electric. With the power for charging the batteries supplied by a hydrogen-powered generator on shore.

Mooring and charging are automated using contactless charging.

Efficient engineering, cabling, and our own power management system will play a crucial role in maximizing power usage on board.

The boat is being built by Holland Shipyards Group, with autonomous navigation being developed by Roboat. Sequana Developpement will offer the service in France.

Royal Van der Leun looks forward to a successful collaboration and to witnessing this prestigious project shine on the Seine!

Impression images from Holland Shipyards Group.

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