Retirement Peter Korteweg & Anniversary Peter Krommenhoek

This week it was the week of the Peters. We celebrated a retirement and an anniversary.


After 40 years of employment, Peter Korteweg has retired.
Peter always delighted his colleagues with beautiful statements such as "hoe vind je hem zelf", "dikke mik" and "my name is shortway". We hung these beautiful statements, including photos, throughout the building and pleasant surprises were waiting during the day.

After various positions within our company, he has been the last years active as a senior account manager and a familiar face for our customers. Fortunately for us, the farewell is not final, because his knowledge and enthusiasm are still so valuable to Van der Leun, and he still likes the work too much, he comes to support us a few days a week. We thank him for 40 years of tireless efforts and wish him a very nice time together with his wife, children and grandchildren.

Also a party for Peter Krommenhoek, a great anniversary of 25 years at Van der Leun! We couldn't let this pass unnoticed. Despite he thought he was smart by planning appointments, we put him in the spotlight and toasted to this. Peter can be found as director of our Metalworking division and is always busy. We thank him for his great commitment, his no-nonsense mentality, and the flexibility to ensure that everything that is needed today is done yesterday.

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